Angel Funding for Startups in India, Seed Funding for Indian Startups, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capital (VC) Funding Firm in India- Skillquity

  • Funding for Startups in India– Skillquity is a marketplace that enables startups to use their equity as a currency instead of cash, to find and acquire resources such as services, products and talent to develop their business idea.

What is Skillquity?

Skillquity provides an opportunity to be a part of start-up history. To be a part of India’s first online digital incubator for start-ups providing the most novel model of engagement for professionals. has been conceived to provide business owners and skill providers alike a unique technological platform to meet, understand each other’s needs and enter into a meaningful professional relationship.

The best part is that the payment module is not the hackneyed monetary one. Instead, the professional contributing his/her skills to the new business “earns” a certain amount of equity in return for the services rendered. This translates into long-term gains and also transitions the service into part-ownership.

How Does Skillquity Work?

You may be having this great idea, or you just want to take your start-up to the next level. Unfortunately, resources limit you. Whom do you turn to?

We’re here to help you. With Skillquity, you don’t need cash to find the perfect professional to turn your idea to success. All you need is Equity. Whether you need a co-founder, a growth-hacker, a programmer, a lawyer, an SEO expert, an accountant, you’ll find them!

Create a good impression with your start-up space


First impression is always the last impression, unless you strive doubly hard to undo that first impression. When you venture into the world of business, it can be quite difficult to establish a good reputation and an image. In fact, people will be wary of you, and the onus of proving your capability will lie solely on your shoulders. But, a good image and reputation help in creating a solid client base. First impressions being of utmost importance, it is important that the first impression of your company that a client has be favourable. An office with a decent design and layout never fails to cast that indelible first impression! There are a few aspects that need your attention. Optimum space Every office should strike a good balance between desk space and open space. You could consolidate the desk space in one area, and create a walk – through, open space that eases accessibility for your employees and clients. It is easy to do and looks quite professional. You could also have cubicles made. They are help in compartmentalizing work stations. You could use various search engines to look for inspiration and ideas that fit in your budget. Waiting Space/Room To make your office look and feel more professional, you could add a waiting room while planning. Well, if you do not have enough space for a room, a waiting space will do just fine. They can be good for [organizing appointments, clients, and walk – in interviews. The professional feel does attract new clients. Meeting/Conference Room A meeting or a conference room is a must in every office. It gives you and your clients a private space to discuss various ideas and strategies. The room also shows that you take these meeting very seriously and that you are ready to give them the respect they deserve. Technology No office can function properly without technology. Incorporating technology into your office design will make things easier for you. From having computers on every desk, to telephone lines at the reception – your design should emphasize the technology you use, for it will help you build a professional image. The importance of being professional cannot be undermined, especially when you are trying to create a space of your own in the competitive market. Following these few simple elements of design will help you create a name for your company, even if you have just started.


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